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  • Flowers
    One of the most popular ways to consume cannabis is through flower. Its immediate effects are very similar to those of a joint, and it’s incredibly easy to share.
  • Concentrates
    If you’re a novice user, then it’s best to avoid using concentrates. They can provide a powerful effect that doesn’t feel like smoke, and they provide immediate relief for a medical condition.
  • Edibles
    These edible products are discreet and can be found in all your favorite forms. They’re also processed by the liver and require a bit of digestion to reach their intended effect. However, they can still provide a delayed onset of effects.
  • Tinctures
    Tinctures are becoming more prevalent in today’s world. These are simply drops that are placed under your tongue. They are quick and easy to take, and they don’t require a long waiting period or smoke. The effects of a tincture last for about 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on how much experience you have with cannabis. If you have no experience with the drug, it can also be added to other liquids.
Recretional medicine

Medical marijuana used to treat many health problems

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Cannabis features

Our products help many people improve their lives and well-being

  • Helps depression
    Marijuana according to studies can greatly help with depression and anxiety. The OG Kush strain is a great choice for those looking for stress relief. It can help reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Treats Glaucoma
    Several studies have shown that cannabinoids or marijuana can reduce intraocular pressure. This is especially true if they are administered orally.
  • Increases appetite
    Aside from the euphoria, this effect is also known as the munchies. It's believed that people have been eating better with the help of cannabis for centuries.
  • Removes headache
    Inhaled cannabis cuts the severity of migraines and self-reported headache severity by almost 50%, according to a study. The study also found that the drug did not cause nausea or excessive headaches.
  • Sleep improves
    Some studies suggest that using marijuana can improve people's ability to fall and stay asleep.
  • Reduce Parkinson’s
    A recent survey revealed that patients suffering from Parkinson's disease reported that using cannabis helped relieve some of their symptoms.

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Lucas Perry

Good service. Item arrived within the time promised and was well packaged. Would definitely use Ganja420Shop again.

Felix Weld

I order all of my vapes from here. You get what you pay for. I have gotten some of my favorite vape from here. Highly recommend

Stefanie Rashford

Yes, this was an awesome experience. This was my first time ever buying from a site like this. I was literally on my tippy toes worried that it was a scam and no one would show up. However, that was not the case and everything was exactly like that advertisement. It literally took 10 hours if not sooner and the transaction was complete. In and out asap I would recommend. Also until be purchasing with them again. Thank you so much!

John Collins

Good quality products, best customer services, best and fast delivery so l say the good company. cheers Ganja420shop

Charlotte Cook

I received a private consultation where I was given the best advice on how to use the various products. Thank you.

Medical experience

Our dispensary is trusted worldwide

Unlike most marijuana dispensaries, we ship anywhere in the world. We give our customers a chance to smoke weed with different sellers(brand) without having to go through the usual hoops. You can buy weed online and get it anywhere you are in the world

Happy patients improved well-being
Types of medicinal marijuana products
Years of successful treatment
Happy patients improved well-being
Recretional medicine

Many patients received improved well-being in just 2 weeks

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