AK 47 Strain


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AK-47 is a popular weed strain among social smokers that produces a relaxing high. AK-47 is known to promote feelings of happiness and mental clarity. Users say that the high from this strain lasts a long time. The scent is earthy with sour notes. The strain works great for managing pain and lack of appetite. It has average CBD levels and THC levels of 20%.


  • 35% indica/65% Sativa
  • THC levels of up to 20%
  • <1% CBD
  • A cool climate and indoors
  • 8-week flowering time


  • Uplifting and stimulating high
  • High yield
  • Short flowering time
  • Helps with back pain and lack of appetite


  • Smaller plants than average


AK-47 is an easy-to-grow strain that gives promotes feelings of mental clarity. Smoking AK-47 makes you feel at ease. Plus, the strain is incredibly easy to grow and is also high-yielding.

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28 Grams, Half Pound, Pound, Quarter Pound


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