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Co2 Cannabis Shatter is made by using Co2 extraction and the highest quality strains of cannabis grown in Canada. Co2 extraction results in a clean, pure, solvent free extract while retaining terpenes to preserve the natural flavor of the starter strains of cannabis utilized. Strains of cannabis Co2 Shatter will provide consumers with an intense full body buzz that is purely euphoric and relaxing. Great for relief from pain, stress, depression, anxiety, a perfect product for medical marijuana patients and retail consumers alike. Co2 Shatter can be enjoyed through a concentrate pen, dab rig or mixed with dry herb in a bowl or joint.

Here’s how extracting CO2 shatter with Apeks Supercritical extraction systems works: Dried plant material is placed into the extraction vessel and the system prepped for an extraction run. The system pumps CO2into the extraction vessel at a low temperature and low pressure (subcritical) where the CO2 turns from gas to liquid. In its liquid state, CObecomes a solvent working its way through the plant material, getting into all the nooks and crannies to extract the oils. The system then pumps the CO2 and oils into the separator vessel passing through an orifice, which causes a decompression. This decompression changes the liquid CO2 back to gas. As it moves through the orifice, some of the extract sprays onto the walls of the collection vessel and sticks while the majority of it drops down into the collection cup in thinner, liquid-like consistency. The particulates on the wall thicken and can be scraped off and collected, ideal for making shatter.

Another way to extract oil concentrates for shatter with an Apeks system is to set the parameters so that the extract remains cold. The system runs through the plant material as outlined above but at lower temperatures. No heat should be applied – once applied, it can’t be unapplied! The result is a thick extract referred to as  “crumble” because of its appearance.

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1 Pound ( 1 lb), 14 Grams ( 1/2 Oz ), 28 Grams ( 1 Ounce ), Half Pound, Quarter Pound

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