Crown Royal Cannabis Oil


Crown Royal Cannabis Oil 93.65% THC and <0.1% CBD is Good for  Arthritis, chronic pain, depression, anxiety,migraines , muscle spasms,Gastrointestinal Disorder,Nausea ,PTSD.



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Our Crown Royal cannabis oil is an ultra pure CO2 extracted cannabis oil made from a blend of several different marijuana strains, all hybrids, meaning it’s a 50/50 mix of indica and sativa. We chose the name Crown Royal because the oil, when warmed, is a light amber color that looked very similar to the Crown Royal Canadian Whisky that was close at hand.

This batch of cannabis oil is a rare treat. We have never had an oil test at 93% THC so we are truly delighted to be able to offer this to our customers in need of high THC cannabis oil.

Crown Royal cannabis strain is a Sativa dominant strain that is produced by mating Mikado with an unknown Sativa variety from Hawaii. The strain produces dark green colored buds that are compressed and curved. It has a high THC level of approximately 21.50 percent and a low CBD level of 2.10 percent. Some people regard its feminized form to be an Indica dominant strain with 70 percent Indica variety. Crown Royal marijuana strain produces a cerebral high on your body that slowly tends to take over your system. Its body buzz is strong and energizing. Crown Royal weed strain is most suitable for the medical people suffering from depression and stress as it relaxes their nerves and relieves all the symptoms of stress. The strain has a positive effect on terrible migraines and different types of pain and other medical conditions.

Size Cost Each
1 gram – $60.00
3.5 grams – $210.00

Packaged in 1 gram and 3.5 gram syringes for easy dispensing

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1 Gram at $60, 3.5 Grams at 205


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