Distillate Vape Cartridges


  • Cartridge type: AVD cartridge
  • Size: 1 Gram
  • Quality: Ceramic and glass
  • Compatibility: 510 thread

Our vape cartridges have 3% added terpenes & no fillers.

If you want a mix of specific strains, please mention them in the notes field upon checking out your order.


Made with Delta-9 Distillate

About distillate cartridge discolouration on the top of the oil (Oxidation)

Please, don’t panic! This is normal. Like all natural products, cannabis oil contains bioactive ingredients that will change overtime.

Our oils do not contain any additives or preservatives. A change in color (darkening at the top of the oil in the cartridge) does not mean a compromise in oil quality, but a natural chemical reaction to time, heat, and sun exposure. A darkening of your oil does not indicate it is no longer effective or of any less quality.

Please keep in mind, all oils do have a shelf life. We recommend using your cartridge within six months of purchase.

For the best vape experience possible, remember to:

  1. Avoid leaving your cartridge in direct sunlight and heat. This will help keep your cartridge from darkening or leakage.
  2. Try to store your cartridge in a cool, dry, and dark or low-light place to ensure the longest shelf life.


Cartridges and magnetic adapter batteries

When using a magnetic adapter type battery such as the CCELL Palm, Silo or AVD Plum Seed, please remove your cartridge as much as possible when not in use. Keeping the cartridge in these batteries for extended periods of time can cause a build up of leaked out oil if left out in a hot place, causing the bottom out of the cartridge to possibly pull out when removed.

It is recommended by CCELL and AVD to clean the connector of their batteries with ISO and a q-tip every so often to remove any build up of residual oil.


We do reserve the right to substitute should a strain sell out.


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