Gelato #420 Feminized Seeds




Gelato #420 Feminized Seeds

To begin with, White Label Gelato #420 Feminized was created by back-crossing Gelato 33 with our original Durban cultivar and the Hindu Kush strain, which forms the backbone of OG Kush. By returning the Gelato line to its Afghan and African cannabis roots, White Label Gelato #420 gains weight, flavour and even greater potency.

Growth pattern of Gelato #420 Feminized by White Label

Gelato #420 Feminized cannabis seeds are 60% indica, 40% sativa. Strong indica stature and significant sativa height gain are hallmarks of this strain. Indoors, it can be given a relatively short vegetation period, as plants generally triple their vegetated height as they flower. Outdoors, in a warm and sunny climate, Gelato #420 feminized cannabis seeds can be started a little later than other strains. This controls its height.

When grown in a natural light cycle, certain cultivation techniques are useful for managing the strain’s impressive stature. These include: training plants to grow parallel to the ground; trellising; or pruning them to encourage more bushy growth. As long as the local climate remains reasonably favourable through October, White Label Gelato #420 can produce an excellent outdoor harvest.

Indoors, the best way to maximize the yield of Gelato #420 feminized cannabis seeds is cloning. Alternatively, prune the main stem of the larger plants to increase budding sites.

Plants grown and flowered from seed tend to have strong lateral and upward branching, with very small internodal gaps. Naturally, clones share this trait, though their lateral branches tend to be less vigorous (due to the shorter vegetation time). The yield produced by Gelato #420’s branches means that lollipopping and SOG are best avoided. ScrOG (screen of green) can produce good results with well-spaced plants.

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