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Buy Kiva chocolate bars to please your palate

If you’re a sweet tooth who wants to introduce cannabis into a daily routine, then congrats, you have found the right product for you. The Kiva chocolate bar is an edible that contains THC and other high-quality ingredients that give it exceptional flavor and medicinal properties. There are several flavors of Kiva chocolate, each with ingredients like pure cane sugar, cacao and vanilla beans, full cream milk, cannabis extract, and a variety of natural flavors. All Kiva chocolate bars for sale contain a high amount of cannabis, which allows you to get the maximum amount of THC into your system. In fact, they were specially made for people with high tolerances. Several flavors are available:

  • Blackberry: This selection is blended with 54 percent cacao, blackberries, and cannabis. The result is a tart and sweet flavor that is unforgettable.  
  • Mint Irish Cream: Not only is this confectionary minty and creamy, but it has a mouthwatering kick thanks to a touch of honey and Irish whiskey added to the mix. 
  • Tangerine: This tangerine flavored chocolate has a unique taste because of the combination of citrus and cannabis. This gives the edible an earthy, yet zesty, sensation that is complemented by a creamy body.
  • Vanilla Chai: This unique blend contains milk chocolate, chai tea spices, and a touch of vanilla. Biting into this treat delivers a soft, milky-sweet experience reminiscent of chai tea latte.  

This cannabis product is suitable for a variety of customers. Kiva chocolate bar prices are highly competitive. Our low prices and the quality of these confectionaries make them the perfect edible for someone who does not want to go over budget. Additionally, these 180 mg Kiva dark chocolate bars are an excellent alternative for people who do not like vaping or smoking. Instead of rolling a joint or loading a chamber full of dry herbs, you have all the cannabis you need packing inside a convenient wrapper full of delectable chocolate. 


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