Meladol – CBD + Melatonin + vit. B6 (30ml)


  • Flavour: Natural
  •  Brand: Cibdol
  •  Amount: 30ml
  •  Percentage CBD: n/a
  •  CBD: 75mg CBD
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Cibdol Meladol

Sleep plays an extremely important role in our lives. All major physical and mental processes depend on a healthy sleep cycle. If you suffer from sleep problems for a long time, serious (chronic) complaints may occur in the form of depression, fatigue, anxiety, concentration problems and even autoimmune diseases.

Cibdol has developed a new CBD supplement: Meladol. This agent contains three ingredients, namely CBD, Vitamin B6 and the natural hormone melatonin.

  • With melatonin, a natural hormone created in our bodies
  • Very attractive price
  • Bottle of 30ml – more than 600 drops
  • With vitamin B6, CBD and melatonin


Melatonin is produced in the pineal gland in the human brain. The sleep-awake rhythm is influenced by the body’s biological clock and determines how much melatonin the body makes. The melatonin levels rise in the afternoon and decrease in the morning. This makes for an optimal night’s sleep.

However, due to many causes, including the blue light of monitors and electronic devices, the production of melatonin can be disturbed. This means that you cannot enjoy a full night’s sleep. Fortunately, you can prevent this by taking this supplement with melatonin. This allows you to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper and longer.


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