Potent Endoca CBD-suppositories (10*50 mg)


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The strong Endoca CBD-suppositories are the quickest way to take a large CBD-dose. Each pill contains a stunning 50 mg of CBD and is absorbed into the bloodstream within 10 minutes. The Endoca suppository is an excellent alternative when oral ingestion is problematic.
Endoca CBD-suppositories: in short

  • Very high CBD-content
  • Extremely fast absorption
  • Easily inserted
  • Ideal in the case of sickness or vomiting
  • Ideal in the case of a sensitive stomach
  • Vegan

The suppositories are vegan and are easily inserted. The slightly bitter CBD-taste does not form a problem because the pills are not taken orally. Always store the suppositories in the refrigerator!

Why a suppository? For a quick CBD-absorption!

The CBD-suppository is a very effective way to take CBD. It can be used rectally and vaginally, and is, therefore, ideal when oral ingestion is somehow complicated. Moreover, no CBD is lost in the stomach as can sometimes be the case with oral CBD-ingestion. Taking this suppository, therefore, results in a much higher CBD-concentration in the bloodstream. Finally, rectal and vaginal use of CBD reduces the absorption time of CBD significantly, to less than 10 minutes. Hence, the suppository is not just a safe and easy way to take CBD in all sorts of situations; it is also very fast.

The many advantages of CBD

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an ingredient extracted from the cannabis plant.  CBD is not the same substance as THC. THC is also extracted from the cannabis plant, but has psychoactive properties and, hence, causes a high. CBD is not psychoactive and does not cause a high. Moreover, CBD is 100% legal in almost all of Europe!


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