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Spice things up with the new Prism strain

Welcome to the world of a wide array of the best Indica and Sativa strains. Here at 420 Canna Shop, we collect only the most potent strains on the market and carefully test them in laboratories to ensure their effectiveness and purity. So, if you’re a weed connoisseur, there is no better place for you than our online dispensary. 

When browsing our catalog of potent marijuana products, you will be amazed by the array of different potent strains. However, there is a product that is worth additional attention. It is called Prism weed strain. It is the best option for those looking for a natural remedy to soothe the pain. This Sativa-dominant strain is usually prescribed to patients who go through chemotherapy or rehabilitation after surgery. Thanks to the low percentage of THC, it won’t get you extremely high. So, you can easily introduce it into your daily routine. 

Purple Prism strain is a combination of Huckleberry and Pineapple Express varieties. The bud derives its name from the excellent spade shape with a minty green look that’s adorned with pink and purple undertones accentuated with orange and red hairs underlining its potency and quality. It combines a bit sour citrus notes with sweet and even some diesel ones that make this strain a second-to-none product. 

Stock up on our top-notch Prism weed strain at a bargain price

When it comes to Sativa-dominant strains, people usually search for something extremely potent to overcome their health issues and relax. Thus, our Prism strain can be used for treating mental disorders such as depression and anxiety as well as troubles with sleep known as apnea and insomnia. It should be noted that it contains 30% of Indica content that makes it good for daytime use. You won’t feel fatigued or extra relaxed if you do not overdose Prism weed strain.

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