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About Purple Bud Automatic Seeds by White Label

Purple Bud Automatic by White Label is one of our easiest cannabis seed strains, both to grow and to consume! It loves cold climates, which will bring out the tones of lilac, violet and burgundy which many of the plants develop. The combination of auto flowering ruderalis with our original Purple Bud Feminized makes for a reliable crop that provides happiness and relaxation.

Growth pattern of Purple Bud Automatic Seeds by White Label

Purple Bud Automatic cannabis seeds contain genetics from two premium Afghan hash plants. This parentage is evident in Purple Bud Automatic’s stocky form and rapid flowering. However, it’s not a completely indica strain. A Jamaican cultivar provides Purple Bud with 25% sativa genetics, and ruderalis genes add autoflowering capabilities. The sativa component gives the plants a little more height than the average indica, with mature plants reaching around 90 to 140 centimetres.

Cultivation usually takes around 14 weeks in total. The flowering stage lasts between eight and 10 weeks. As with all autoflowering varieties, gardeners can enjoy substantial yields without having to put too much effort in, or have a great deal of expertise.

Purple Bud Auto’s buds initially appear as spiky calyxes around the bracts and nodes on the upper branches and stem. These flowers then swell in size, becoming chunkier and more dense. In the last few weeks of blooming, the buds merge together to form colas.

Due to the nature of autoflowering cannabis plants, yields are typically slightly less than Regular or. Feminized versions.This auto strain can be grown virtually anywhere, even indoors on a sunny windowsill.

As with most autoflowering cannabis plants, Purple Bud Automatic doesn’t suit many grow techniques.

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