Purple Bud Feminized Seeds




Purple Bud Feminized Seeds

To begin with, We drew on the outstanding cannabis heritage of Jamaica and Afghanistan to create Purple Bud Feminized. It’s easy to cultivate indoors or out, even in cold climates with summers that end quickly. Low temperatures will actually encourage the plants to become more purple as flowering progresses, resulting in a colourful harvest of dense buds. The effect is a long-lasting sense of cheerful relaxation, perfect for social or solo consumption.

Growth pattern of Purple Bud Feminized

Furthermore, White Label’s Purple Bud Feminized cannabis seeds have been developed from the Hindu Kush range, which includes some of the most prized indica strains in the world. The plants are typically indica in growth structure, with sturdy, short stems and branches.

However, they’re a little taller than average indicas, which gives away their sativa component. Finally,  Purple Bud Feminized can be kept compact by ensuring the vegetation stage is short; alternatively, the plants can be made taller by extending it.

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